GHANA, The Black Star of Hope

Akwaaba to Ghana! Welcome to the black star of Africa. Akwaaba to the land of Gold; solid gold and people with a golden heart.

What makes Ghana special?

Ghana is a symbol of peaceful existence in true diversity. We have diversity of tribes, languages, religions, faiths and so on and somehow manage to live peacefully with each other. Religious events which are divisive elsewhere are celebrated in true unity in Gh. The Christian and his Muslim friends celebrate together in a way which might be inconceivable in other places. We are a peace loving nation truly blessed with a laid back countenance unique to us only. We are passionate people, able to talk and contend over pertinent issues but blessed with the ability to mock our woes in good humor. The oldest mosque; Larabanga mosque and its history tells some home truths about the slave trade in the Northern and upper regions of Ghana.

Who are we?

People always ask what is Ghana? It is a country! not a village, not a city in Africa, but a sovereign West African state. The first to gain independence in sub-Saharan Africa and a true beacon of African progress. It is a country whose repertoire of slave monuments tells the story of abuse, exploitation but most importantly triumph over the oppressor. A country whose collection of natural resources and human talent must have inspired the concept of Wakanda. A country whose progress is celebrated on the African continent and indeed should be more prominently celebrated elsewhere by all people who acknowledge genuine progress.

What makes us tick?

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The flag of Ghana is made of 4 primary colours. The primary colours that constitute my blood, soul and heritage. The red represent the blood shed in defense and restoration of our assets and sovereignty. It represents the human loss to the freedom fight, the sacrifice of self for country and people. The selfless struggle to restore what had been lost and the symbol of hope for all who despair.

The yellow represents the phenomenal array of natural resources found on the land. Ghana boasts of huge gold fields; an asset which earned Ghana its colonial name : The Gold Coast. We have Diamonds, Manganese, Bauxite and the list continues.

The green represents our premium agricultural lands. We own some  of the most fertile lands on this planet which explains our role at the forefront of Cocoa, Timber, Palm etc production over the years. we can grow practically anything that can tolerate a tropical climate. Our weather has very little variation. We have 2 seasons of summer; the dry one and the wet one both both summer climates. Livestock production here is easy because the foliage available is exceptional and diverse.

For me the most important component of the flag remains the black star in the middle. The star that distinguishes our flag from the many others inspired by it. The black start of hope. The colour that symbolises our pride in our identity: un-apologetically black and very proud too. The star of achievement and excellence. he human resource asset of Ghana is in fact our greatest.

The capabilities of Ghanaian people to rise to excellence is evidenced easily. We brought Kofi Annan to the world. If a personality you know has any of our typical names you can be sure they are our own, exported from us, gifted by us!

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Our  Akwaaba transcends beyond a superficial welcome. Akwaaba means we accept you, Akwaaba means we integrate you as one of us, Akwaaba means we will bend over backwards to help make you comfortable. We do this not because of what we want from you or that we perceive you to be better, but because that is how we are programmed to be. We are people of warmth, we are very hospitable people. We are creative talented people who pride ourselves in integrating you into our fold. Akwaaba means you will never be alone.

So if you are a son or daughter of the land. Stolen and delivered elsewhere, seeking a re-connection wit your people, wanting to understand what make you who you are, you know where to find us. Come let us take you to the motherland to discover our ways. Come let us show you the battle fields which evidence the truth behind the slave trade. Come let us entertain you and help you  forget your woes for a while. Come let us help you to belong.

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