Introducing our partnership with Sirigu Women Organisation of Pottery and Art ( SWOPA)

Swopa is a self-help organisation of women arts in the upper east region of Ghana. It was started by Melanie Kasise in 1997 having been the beneficiary of education funded by her mother’s pottery skills. Swopa currently has a membership of around 400 women artists plying their trade in basketry, pottery, weaving and other crafts traditional to the Sirugu area of the Upper East Region.


Swopa trains local women to develop the skills and experience in producing authentic Bolga bags, fugu print, clay pots, etc. They help in marketing to a larger audience in an attempt to gain better prices for their members. They also offer training to guest and visitors to their facility. The facility also boasts of a guest house with offers accommodation for people looking for immersion visits. It allows guests to experience the local area in a more authentic way than a raditional hotel stay.

The Bomborisi: wall paintings.

The distinct red white and black wall art is fascinating indeed. They have been used to decorate local buildings for a long time and is a craft passed on from parents to offspring for generations. The motifs and colours tell local folklore. Local tour guides working with Swopa explain the import of the colours and drawings and enable visitors to appreciate the culture of that area.

The fugu print from the northern part of Ghana is really beautiful. it is rich in texture and has vibrant colours. it depicts the people and their subtle nature. It is woven in unassuming looms in very simple environments but excellent quality when finished. It is one of the original African print we want to introduce to the world.

First Pick Tours is so excited to source from and partner with such a worthy cause. We intend to source from this association to inject capital into their vision and members. Our vission aligns with theirs and we will do all we can to support their success with our activities.

Our northern light tours will be based in their guest house to bring traffic and revenue here. We support their mission to develop talent at its source and generate revenue away from the urban areas.

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