At first pick, we are committed to the development and use of local talent. We commit to the training of local people to deliver our tours. We don’t subscribe to importing talent from the cities. We subscribe to revenue generation within communities in an attempt to curb the trend of migration to urban areas.

We source our accommodation from community group guesthouses and upgrade the service to the standard required. We patronize the services offered by local groups to serve as activities on each tour and pay a fair price for these. Our most notable feature is the sponsor a trade pack scheme. This invites individuals and organisations to purchase out souvenir sales starter packs and invest in local young people to commence a small scales sales business. This allows the young people the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills and alter the current state of our tourism landscape. Visitors to each site must be encouraged to purchase from locals to support revenue generation within the community. Each pack bought directly invests in the make Ghana great one choice at a time agenda.

Our Northern lights tour is our flagship social justice tour. It mainly concentrates in the northern and upper east regions. It utilizes an association guesthouse as the principal accommodation offered. The fair element of our tour is solely for showcasing local goods and services and offers a good opportunity for sales to occur.
We are hereby inviting all relevant groups and individuals interested in partnership with us in this venture to contact us for further discussion. Every little helps and each small change can snowball into the bigger we all want to see.
God bless our Homeland and make her great and strong.