Honey Money Tour – Option 1D

Honey Moon – Cocoa Beach

Group tours; with only complimentary breakfast
(Unique accommodation no disturbance) Dinner and Lunch excluded

Day 1

➢ Arrive to destination

➢ Picnic or dinner by the lake

➢ Couples or family bonding activity

Day 2

➢ Local crafts and monuments tour

➢ Bonding activity on the lake of lagoon

Day 3

➢ Lakeside walking tour

➢ Barbecue by the lake

➢ Lunch

➢ Departure for home


  • Complimentary airport meet and greet
  • Transport to and from tour locations
  • Breakfast complimentary to all packages
  • Choice of any 2 complimentary activities (basketry, pottery, painting classes, sand boarding, skating, hiking, local tours)
  • 5% Discount in our souvenir ship


  • Flights
  • Visa fees (Visa on arrival can be purchased as an additional option)
  • Lunch and dinner on Option 1 deal
  • Additional selected activities (only 2 activities are complimentary)
  • Cost of local souvenirs
  • Cost of ingredients for home cooking experiences
Price From USD $ 500/person
Total $ 500 USD

Trip Facts

  • 1 Adult only (individual room)

Available Dates

Available dates